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Spring Has Sprung: Why You Should Plant a Garden

Spring is here, which means it’s out with the old and in with the new as we shake off the dusty cold of winter and embrace the upcoming warmth of summer. Spring is a season of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation, full of trying new things and embracing new possibilities.

This spring, go all out and try something new with the season by planting a garden. Gardening not only brings in beautiful colors, scents and foods to your home, but it has added benefits just for you. Here are some reasons you should plant a garden this season.


1. Gardening saves you money.

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of gardening is the amount of money it saves you from out of pocket. Rather than spending exuberant amounts of cash at a commercial grocery store, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables right at home for a fraction of the cost.

While you may not think you have enough space to try gardening, you could be surprised. According to gardening expert Maria Lannotti, it only takes about a tenth of an acre to produce most of the vegetables one person will eat in an entire year. Even without a yard, many vegetables can be grown in containers from your very own porch or windowsill. With the right tips, gardening can be an easy way to cut your grocery bill way down.


2. Gardening improves your health.

There’s no doubt that eating fruits and vegetables makes you healthier. In fact, many studies have shown people who eat more fruits and vegetables are less likely to suffer from certain cancers and chronic diseases. Even moreso, vegetables grown from home are often safer and healthier than those grown commercially. When you grow your own food, you can be sure there are no harsh chemicals or pesticides involved, and you know exactly what you’re eating.

On another note, gardening is a great way to get out into the sunshine for fresh air and moderate exercise. Gardening has even been proven to significantly reduce stress and stress-related illnesses, making sure you stay healthier for longer.


3. Gardening helps the Earth.

Gardening also reduces your environmental impact and helps support the Earth. Growing food without pesticides and herbicides cuts down on air and water pollution. And since your own vegetable garden is local, it also reduces the use of fossil fuels, as nothing is being transported across national or international distances. 

Additionally, gardening supports bees and other beneficial pollinating insects in your area. Currently, the Earth’s bee population is at a severe decline, which impacts our environment and economy. By growing your own garden and including flowers and herbs in the process, you can support the valuable bees in your community.


4. Gardening is fun!

And of course, gardening is fun! Getting out into nature and building something of your own provides a sense of pride and sets a great example for your family and friends. Gardening is an excellent source of physical and mental challenge, which gives you something to invest in and enjoy. It also builds a sense of community in your neighborhood and family.

No matter which way you look at it, gardening is a great way to try something new and have fun while doing it. And when you’re tired and need a break, there’s always your local restaurant or cafe to stop in and taste other delicious locally-grown food.

This spring, shake off the winter blues and embrace the season by planting a garden. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables or just a seed or two of flowers, you can be sure you’ll have fun while gaining some wonderful benefits.